View Full Version : Rogaine and Keratin Problem

06-15-2013, 02:39 PM
i went to salon 5 days ago and i did my hair with keratin and he said i have to not but anything on it for 4 days , and after he did my scalp itchy and there is bumbs he told me that's a common side effect of using keratin products

the spot in my scalp that i applying Rogaine on it had bumbs and itchy .

i just stopped rogaine for 4 days and i think it's enough to begin use it again , i don't want to waste all my score that i am being doing with rogaine since a year !!

so today i apply for rogaine but i felt pain because of that itchy and bumbs in that spot .

My question is : is that ok if i apply rogaine on that itchy and bumbs that i have to , or it's gonna get's worse ? should i have to stop using rogaine till my scalp return normal and bumbs and the itchy patches gone ? but for how long ? if i stopped rogaine for more than two weeks then i will say goodbye of all i work i score in the last year and i will had shedding worst than before

i really confused about it and i want someone really have been through this before or at least have the experience to tell me what i have to do ...