View Full Version : Would prescription strength US made 2% generic Niz be as good as prescription Niz 2%

06-15-2013, 01:31 PM
Well after getting my hair cut really short (which I don't like) I decided to try Nizoral for my dry itchy flaking scalp and hopefully to slow my hairloss. So got a script for 2% since the 1% OTC is no where to be found. So went to a big chain Walmart pharmacy to fill the script. When I went to pay I noticed it was a 2% keto product that said generic for Nizoral on it. I asked if I could get name brand and they said they need to order it and would have it in 2 days but it would cost me $40 which is my co-pay for Brand drugs. That means the makers of Nizoral are charging who knows what to my insurance. Could be north of $100 for all I know. This is for the 4 ounce bottle. Anyways the generic was $14.

Which leads to the question. Would you trust the generic and use it instead? I can afford the extra $36, but $36 is still $36. Also, if it works for my scalp and does not seem to cause a shed I probably will continue to use once per week indefinitely.