View Full Version : Are there any real treatments with no side effects?

06-12-2013, 06:51 PM
So I am new here. I researched all the threads I could. I researched the internet and from what I have read, there is basically nothing that can be done to regrow my hair? I see people using all these medicines on here and see no results or just a lot of side effects. I do not want anything with side effects that's for sure. I have been trying to find if there are any natural remedies. My hair stylist told me to use FAST and she sold me the kit and it has not done anything. It's made my Nisim and the main ingredient I guess is the biotin.

I would try rogaine you can't buy it here in canada and I believe that it has side effects anyway.

I read all over the place online that onion juice works but I don't know.

Does anyone know of anything that is safe and effective to use?

06-13-2013, 04:16 AM
Minoxidil's side effects aren't very serious ( unless too much of it gets absorbed systemically )

If rogaine isn't available just buy generic minoxidil e.g. kirkland off the internet same thing but much cheaper.

Minoxidil won't save your hair, if you want save your hair, you need something that will keep DHT away from your hair follicles. There stuff available such finasteride which blocks testosterone converting into DHT and is a effective treatment, but thats where the problem arises, DHT is needed by other parts of body and so side effects occur. So yeh, for now I don't think there are treatments which are side effects free and that will also save your hair.

I'm going to start using Minoxidil and Nizoral in about a months time, but those two won't really save hair from DHT so I too am looking for something that will help keep DHT away from hair follicles but free of serious side effects(don't mind minor side effects, I just don't want to lose my dick or grow breasts).

07-29-2013, 01:19 PM
So no one knows of any real solutions?

This is rediculous like my hair starting falling out and receding at 20 and I have no family history of baldness. My dad is an old man and has a full head of thick hair and my hair is so thin it's like I am wearing doll hair.

Someone told me I should try to get Biotin oral pills instead of the shampoo. I see online a few places say to lower your testosterone but that ends up with side effects too.

I am worried about side effects because I'm 26 and I already have a lot of wrinkles for some reason and I already had side effects from another medication a year ago that caused me erectile dysfunction, which was a nightmare having to pay $50 for a viagara pill each time I wanted to have sex.