View Full Version : Hair loss documentary: participants needed.

06-12-2013, 09:08 AM
I found this ad on craigslist...Apparently some research institution is doing a hair loss documentary and is wanting participants.

Participants for a documentary: Are you a bald/balding man?
A private research institution wants to hear from you. We are in the process of creating a Hair loss documentary.

We are conducting research on the psychological aspect of hair loss. Hair loss or androgenic alopecia, affects millions of men across the USA.

We want to hear from men at all stages of hair loss: balding, or completely bald. In particular, we want to especially hear from men who have accepted hair loss, and have moved on with life. We want to study why some men can accept hair loss, and why some men cannot.

This is a strictly over-the-phone interview, personally conducted by our researchers. Please call (202) 670-8122 to set up a time for an interview, or to interview at that time, if scheduling permits...When you call this number, it will ask for your name: You may give a false name to protect your identity.

Your privacy will be respected. Please do not give us your name or any personal information, unless you absolutely wish to.

***We will record phone calls, and the recordings may be used as part of a public documentary.***