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06-11-2013, 03:27 AM
It's the first time I've ever posted about this on any forum, and I'd like to have some more objective advice about my MPB than the ones I usually get from my family and friends. I'd never been too concerned about it, since it was rather minimal and hardly noticeable.But quite recently, I noticed that the situation had gotten quite worse and became, since then, a daily -and quite unhealthy- obsession.
I first noticed I was losing a bit of hair when I was 25. Not to worry, but I started noticing I was slghtly receding at the temples. I went to a dermatologist at the time (less than a year before the hairloss started) who couldn't really tell me much, but still prescribed me some Minoxidil 5%, which I stopped using after 2 days, since it was giving me tachycardia. The receding slowly continued until today (I'm 28 now), without it worrying me too much, even though you can clearly see, when I'm pulling my hair back, a growing M-shaped hairline, the right side receding slighty faster than the left side, which seems to have stopped receding. Obviously I'm not picking up hundreds of hair in the shower or on my pillow, but quite enough (a dozen, tops, when I shampoo and half a dozen on my pillow in the morning) to have me worried a little bit more today.
Plus I noticed, a few days ago, by using a second mirror, a balding line around the crown.I should add that I have two hair whirls, which is not quite common, and so, a balding line (maybe a 1/3 of an inch wide) between those two whirls.I also noticed my hair had lost some of its density all over, even though it's still minimal and unnoticeable.
Fortunately, I originally have some thick light brown hair, from wavy to curly.Until today, I had no problem styling it rather naturally without it looking like a gross combover, and until now, no one in my family or circle of friends, ever pointed out I had lost quite an amount of hair without me pointing it out myself.
As far as my family hair history is concerned, my father barely started receding in his early 50's and still has decent hair at 60, but my grandfather (still on my father's side)
had already lost most of his hair in his early 30's (NW4/5 around 35), even though he started losing his hair much earlier than I did.
I'm a rather shy and private guy -even though girls among my friends always thought I was rather good-looking- and it's become a huge concern for me now that it's gotten worse.
To such an extent that, a few days back, when I first noticed that balding line on my crown, I freaked out and ordered (after some reasonable research) some K-Max (quite like Toppik but more natural) online, although now I find it quite desperate and am still reluctant to use it. I haven't gone out for a week, unless absolute necessity, and started avoiding mirrors.
I'm still afraid to go and fix it at a barber's, afraid he/she might make unpleasant remarks about my hairloss, and I'm currently considering shaving it myself to an inch long all over, not knowing if it would help hiding the receded part or not.
I even considered shaving it all, but I doubt a bald head will be very flattering on me, since I have quite a long oval face.
So any advice or opinion is dearly welcome, since it's been eating me up for a while, and let's face it, it's quite an unconsistent issue when you're all healthy ;)
Thanks in advance, and sorry btw, I tried to keep it short, but I really couldn't ;)

06-11-2013, 04:01 AM
If I read correctly, it looks like you have only been losing hair for 3 years. Which is good, that you are at least trying to do something about it now. Unlike myself where I didn't do anything for years until it was too late. I would talk to your Dr. and see what he recommends. Sounds like minox didn't work for you. I would discuss that with your Dr. as well as propecia as an option. There are plenty of things that you can do that may help.

I know it sucks. I was/am in your shoes, but at least you are acting sooner rather then later.

Good Luck

06-11-2013, 04:41 AM
Actually I tried to act on it less than a year after the receding started showing, but it just didn't work out for me.
I'm currently NW 1.5/2 (uneven temples), which I don't find that alarming, but that thinning on the crown and top is really freaking me out.
However, I'd really like to avoid a life-time expensive treatment with awful side effects and so little actual result like Propecia, as many men in my case seem to advise strongly against it, I just think it would be quite a waste of time, money and -most importantly- hair.
I've heard and read many things about fighting hairloss, but when it's all about genetics, as it seems to be the case for me, I'm getting rather skeptical about any miracle treatment being genuinely effective on it. I just wonder, if you're genetically programmed to hairloss, is there anything you can actually do to, at least, stop it, or, at best, reverse it?
I've read much about scalp massages, like 20 minutes everyday, natural plants and oils, which are all said to help regrowth, etc... I'm getting quite confused and panicked right now.
I'm not too young, so that's a good thing. I mean, I'm almost 30, and I think it's quite natural at that age to lose or have lost a bit of hair.
But I still look pretty young, I'd like to keep it that way as long as I can.
So I'm not looking for some heavy chemical treatment and I'm not considering transplant (yet^^).
I'm just looking for advice about some natural effective methods -if there is such a thing- some of you may have used which would be helpful.
Because, quite frankly, that hair-concealing thing I bought in a moment of panic leaves me quite skeptical now, I just think it's such a desperate thing to do. But I might be wrong.I just want to stop worrying so much about it, and get the hell out of that vicious circle once and for all.
So, any further advice is welcome.
Thanks again.

06-13-2013, 07:18 AM