View Full Version : new to this and looking for help..!

06-10-2013, 05:39 PM
I have been reading posts on here now and then for a while now. Decided to sign up.

Basically my hairline is awful, thinning at front and a little at the sides. I have never really bothered about it before but it must be getting bad since my mates have started having a joke with it.

I am scared about mainly how females feel about it, im not sure whether im better to buzz it down to a #1 or whether just to keep gettin short back and sides with a little on top.

its really starting to affect confidence and sometimes I spend an hour looking in the mirror thinking why the fk haha :(

Im not sure if this site is US or UK but im from united kingdom, i think my hair is going the same way as glasgow celtic footballer Anthony Stokes, give it a google, rotten.

please respond cause i feel daft talking to other people about it!