View Full Version : New to hairloss! Help!

06-09-2013, 10:18 PM
Hey guys, brand new to the site and to forums. Sorry if i don't get all the lingo.

Just a very simple overview:

-I'm 23 white male

-Started noticing my hair thinning around thanksgiving 2012 (could of been going on earlier and just didnt notice) Hair line is still solid, just thinning pretty bad in middle/middle side areas (not bad enough to notice yet). On the hairloss scale i'd say i'm a 1/2 to a 1, but like i said my hairline is still very good. (Ill post pictures here soon)

- Made a dermatologist appointment and had to wait until may 2013 because the dermatologist i wanted to see didn't have any appointments for new patients until this time.

- In the mean time I've been using revita shampoo and conditioner, along with biotin and multivitamin religiously everyday.

- Finally my derm. appointment came around, i told him what was going on, he did a scalp biopsy and now i'm going back on Tuesday the 11th.

So, my questions for you guys are the following:

What questions should i ask my dermatologist?

What are my treatment options? (rogan/minox are LAST RESORT)

I know a little bit about DUTA and FIN but not the details.

Do DUTA and FIN stop working after a certain period of time because your body gets use to them? (cycle off)

I need some credible answers from credible sources such as your personal experience, doctor advice... not "Oh, i read on the internet in some blog somewhere" etc etc

Thanks in advance fellas!