View Full Version : Dr. Brandon Ross - La Jolla, CA | 60+ y/o male | 2 procedures

Brandon Ross, MD
07-31-2009, 03:53 PM
This is a 60+ y/o male who presented with a Norwood Class 6-7 pattern of hair loss. The patient underwent 2 procedures for a total of 4502 follicular unit grafts (HT #1 2287 grafts, HT #2 2215 grafts). This was the maximum number of follicles we were able to safely harvest due to his donor hair limitation.

The patient's stated goal was to increase the density across his entire scalp, and we settled on a roughly 2:1 distribution of the grafts from front to back. In all, we transplanted 3110 grafts to the frontal and top sections, and 1392 to the crown.