View Full Version : Thinking of NIgam or GHO

06-07-2013, 03:40 PM
Im a twenty five yo resident of UK and have been suffering MPB for three / four years, I am about NWfour at the moment but thinning into a NW/six my dad and older brother sre both NWsix/seven. I have been on propecia for almost two years which has slowed down the loss alot but not completley stopped it.

recently had a consultation in London with DR Bisanga who said I was a borderline candidate but he advised against it due to a small donor safe zone and the potential for my sides to go down even more and i would only get any benefit from FUT which would not give me the option of buzzing when i lost more hair. .

Now im thinking about going to DR Nigam or DR Gho they seem like my only two options, How ever GHO seems very expensive and like it would take some time to get where I want.

What wold you advise i want something scarless so if needs be i can buzz down if i cannot be fixed do you think Nigam or GHO could help me and what is the process? Iv read lots abot DR Nigham recentley but still not sure abot what he could do for me. im also confused as to why we have not heaard from Obi or never say never for some time, I dont wish to doubt or knock DR Nigam I realy want him to be onto a good thing but most his reslts are published by him and not many patients.

Any advice would be massivley appreciated,I do not wish to wait any longer for the 5 year away cure