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07-31-2009, 12:14 PM
Hello All,

I'm John from bklyn 38 years old dark skin Hispanic 95% mentally ready to get a HT. The balding was really being notice @ age 25. My dad , brother and uncles on my dad side all bald, i guess it is in the blood. the last straw for me was in the check cashing store looking at the camera saying wow someone has a big spot on the top of there head. if i ever get like that ill cut it off with a smile. moved my head around and the head i was looking @ was mine i was the guy with the big patch of hair missing:o....that was about 5 years ago. since then i shave my head with a bizzer 1 to 2 times a week. i believe i may need 4000 to 7000 grafts.:(
I have a consultation on Aug 4Th to find out what i need and price (hope its in the budget). the doctors i have been looking into are...Dr. Dorin,True,Bernstein,Feller and doctor Woo last due to distance. Anyone with info on these doctors please send input. i have ordered a 6 month supply of provillas but am waiting till after my consultation to begin using it. i have tried rogain which worked but was hard to continue using while overseas running out of product so i really needed to find a new way to go.
this is me and my story i look forward to any and all input
Best regards
Nelson the bald guy