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06-05-2013, 01:28 PM
Well technically thinking about balding is making me fail tests.

When I realized I was going bald:

My hairline had been slowly receding for probably over a year, but my hair was still quite thick so I thought it was just a mature hairline or something. This winter my hair started to look really dry and brittle, at first I assumed nothing of it and just assumed it was due to the change in weather. In February my hair started falling out and I realized it wasn't the weather at all.

My Treatment:

I immediately began panicking and doing a bit of research and discovered what treatments were available. I realized that the only way to actually stop the balding process is with a DHT blocker like Finasteride. I was a little worried about side effects so I decided I would put it on the back burner until after exams. I just began taking Finasteride last week and so far I haven't had any side effects other than the occasional ball ache. I plan on staying on fin for a year before evaluating whether I should begin adding other things to my treatment.

My Failing of Tests
I decided to take a couple of courses over the summer for a few reasons that aren't important to note here. Unfortunately I am now doing horrible in them because all I can think about is stupid hair (lack of it specifically). I know a lot of people have trouble coping but have any of you found a way to stop dwelling on it? I try to just think about how I'm taking action to treat my hair, but I can't stop looking in the mirror, taking pictures and videos, and searching the internet about bald stuff.

Other things I should mention

Hair is about Norwood 2-2.5 with diffuse thinning on top
I am only 19 years old :(
Both grandfathers are Norwood 6-7 I believe they started young as well

06-05-2013, 02:40 PM
If you are on fin, minox, and keto you should be fine.. There are also a lot better treatments coming out in the next few years too, possibly even a cure... Honestly I don't really have any views on anything but if my hair ever went NW5 or anything I would just use a hair intergration system, toplace is a website with pretty much undetectable ones... Some people have a stigma about it, I really just wouldn't think anything of it... Anyways point is plenty of options

06-05-2013, 02:59 PM
I feel you man. I went through the exact same thing. Your only options at this point is propecia and minoxidil, and if you can afford, hair transplants.

I started with propecia and after a year, my hair thickened to about 80% ish of what it used to be which is absolutely fantastic for me cause I didn't believe medication would do anything honestly. Basically from scalp visibility in the mirror standing 5 ft away with 4-5 inch long hair. So a combover (god forbid) wouldn't even cover the visibiliy much. Now I can rock a nice fade, 1 on sides and 2-3 on top if I wanted and it'd look like I never even went through any hairloss. However, my hairline is still kinda ****ed, the v shape, which isn't too, too bad but still. I started minox a couple months ago and I don't notice anything yet, no thicken, no thinning, or anything. Too early I assume.

For me, once I took action, and it took a while ever since, I am not obsessed with hairloss anymore. That was a bad time when I was losing hair. It took me about 6 months after starting propecia and seeing results to feel like hairloss isn't a big concern anymore and I stopped, slowly, scouring the internet about hairloss problems and solutions.

Like this histogen and replicel stuff everyone has been takling about lately, I have no clue and don't even care to research about it at the moment.

Once you realize meds are working and thats as much as you can do about it, I believe you'll get over this. I can't say so much about if meds didn't work cause I didn't go through that path.

06-05-2013, 04:23 PM
Holy shit, do I know those feels. First year of grad school, no problem. Second year, I start balding. I can remember leaving the class room to "use the bathroom", just to look at my hairline and fill myself with sadness. Then I would return to the classroom with my mind racing, cruising all over the internet to learn more about finasteride and other treatment options.

Luckily, I was able to get myself to tie down, chug energy drinks, smoke bud, and get work done when I had to. (Now happy to say I graduated with a MS last month)

Unfortunately I am now doing horrible in them because all I can think about is stupid hair (lack of it specifically). I know a lot of people have trouble coping but have any of you found a way to stop dwelling on it?

The second part of your post answers your own question actually; you need to take solace in treatment and self-bettering in other realms.

When I finally got on finasteride, I was able to dwell less. I was able to tell myself "well, I'm doing what I can". Only thing I continued to dwell on was how bad I hated fear mongers for steering me away from fin in the first place. (Not gonna lie, I'm still a bit salty)

Also, exercise. When I lift, I look at the mirror and see that shitty hairline of mine, but also notice the swell I've got going. That genuinely helps me muffle the pain of hairloss.

I try to just think about how I'm taking action to treat my hair, but I can't stop looking in the mirror, taking pictures and videos, and searching the internet about bald stuff.

Frankly, I still do this shit a lot. You gotta just "own it". You have to not try and hide your hair loss. Let me elaborate:
When I pull my hair back and mousse it (even with my shitty hairline), I somehow feel better about it. It's like I already know I'm balding. People don't need to tell me. Sure, I catch people's eyes glancing up from time-to-time. I just refuse to be that guy with a ridiculous comb over, or that guy with see-through hair who won't just get rid of it.

You have to take the first steps to "accepting it". And I quote "accepting it", because you actually already are countering it. But, if worst comes to worst, you need to be able to man up, shave it off, and move on.

In summation:

Keep on with the finasteride.
Work out.
Engage in hobbies and social events.
At the bare minimum, go hard during crunch time and make the grade.

Know that a balding dude with an education and $$$ is better than a balding dude without.

Good luck, bro.

06-05-2013, 05:04 PM
Thanks for the support guys, I really appreciate it. I might end up dropping one of the courses so that my GPA isn't negatively affected. Congratulations on getting your MS BigThinker!

06-05-2013, 06:23 PM
Just don't waste time obsessing or worrying about it, there is being proactive and using preventive measures and beyond that there is nothing to think about.. Just use what you feel inclined to and wait while more possible treatments and options come available.

06-05-2013, 06:51 PM
I'm going to give you a piece of advice that Spencer Kobren gave last night on his show. and has done so many times. Whatever you do, do not waste your life on these forums. Use them to learn and to ask questions, and to get support, but don't spend your precious time debating anonymous people on issues they might not really know much about. This seems to happen in the cutting edge section mostly and sometimes when it comes to hair transplants. The above posters gave you some great advice and I hope what I'm telling you sinks in too.:)

06-05-2013, 06:53 PM

I was in the middle of my semester when I found I was losing my hair as well! I didn't submit my assignment! Didn't feel like eating and was just listening to very depressing music!

I also started taking Finasteride just like you! If someone had told me that 9 months later your hair will be much thicker and in a much better condition with zero progression I would NOT have given damn about my hair and kept going with my studies!

But, all that stress really affected my marks for that semester! So brother, if any advice I can give you is keep taking your Finasteride and forget about your hair problems! It will be fine by Dec this year guaranteed!

Good luck :)

06-05-2013, 07:21 PM
Im on finasteride and have not noticed the difference but its only been 4 months.

My initial hair transplant is almost 7 months old and is fantastic but I need more density. So I shower, then paint on 'derm match, then shake on some kaboki for added density and blow dry and brush.

Man I tell you I look like I am 21 again. However, there is no replacement for our hair so save what you can .:)

Sure beats having to get multiple hair transplants later on.