View Full Version : Recent Finasteride ED/fatigue

06-02-2013, 01:12 PM
Hi everyone,
Started on finasteride at 1.25mg/day about a month ago. No side effects until last week when my libido and erections were gradually becoming weaker. 4 days ago i had complete impotence. I woke up the next day completely fatigued and decided to stop the pills for the time being. The last 3 days were defined by complete impotence, fatigue, zero libido, and brain fog. Then i got a rush of energy from the increased DHT. I instantly felt alive, had libido, and could achieve/maintain an erection. I woke up this morning with decreased libido/no erection/brain fog so i took about .25mg of finasteride to wean myself off the drug/or hopefully diminish the symptoms. Maybe go .25mg q2days. Any suggestions? This experience will certainly make me connect with my future patients who experience finasteride side effects.