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joe from staten island
07-30-2009, 06:35 AM
hi dr. charles the only information i have on trx2 is that dr.whitfield has repeatedly stated that this compound will be on the market in early 2010.and he has said it will regrow hair and "make baldness a thing of the past". dr. whitfield has a website trx2.com , where you can e mail him. i would appreciate your comments on my situation, approximately 25 years ago i had over 600 4mm.,punch grafts, many of these have stayed the same length for over 25 years. the length of the hairs remain stagnant, not exceeding 1/2 to 1and half inches in length. one doctor told me this problem was due to the lack of circulation in my scalp due to a lot of scarring. i have been told by 2 doctors that my donor area is totally exhausted., due you envision any hope for me in the future, and what is your opinion of prp therapy for someone in my situation. your opinion would be greatly appreciated i consider you to be a wonderful physcian and it was indeed a pleasure speaking to you on the bald truth radio show a few weeks ago. thank you sir, sincerely joe

07-30-2009, 07:13 AM
Dude - go see Dr. Jeffery Epstein with offices in Miami and NYC. He does repair procedures. I had a hair restoration through his office and the results are simply impressive.

Dr. Glenn Charles
07-30-2009, 07:50 PM
Joe, I must say you are in a difficult situation. Having had 6oo 4mm punch grafts can certainly use up a good portion of a persons donor hair. I would not be able to comment on whether or not you have any viable donor hair remaining without seeing you in person or having some high quality photos. I have had patients that were told by other doctors that they did not have enough donor hair to have another procedure and I was able to still get enough grafts to make an improvement for them. Sometimes it is possible to remove or partially remove older large grafts, and replant them as smaller grafts. Scarring from prior plug type hair transplantation can be extensive and could limit the amount of hair growth. I do not think PRP used in hair restoration has been around long enough to have any good data on its effects in situations like yours. I certainly do not think PRP would cause any harm, but am unsure as to how much benefit you would get from this type of treatment. If at any point you would like to send some photos I would be glad to review them and tell you what options that you have. I look forward to hearing more about Dr. Whitfield's treatments if and when they become available.