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06-01-2013, 11:37 AM
Hello everyone. My name is Mike. Im 30 years old and began loosing my hair the night of October 30 2012. Yes it did happen that suddenly. And then rapidly. In 6 weeks, my hair was soo noticeable thin I decided to shave my head. The hairloss was accompanied with very bad itching and burning. Three months later, after a bunch of worthless doctor/dermatologist appointments/tests, the hair loss/itching and burning calmed a bit, but I started to notice a lot of body hair loss. Arms/chest/legs/face everywhere. A simple little tug would result in pulling out lots of body hairs. Also a pattern developed. I have to wear a hat everyday for work. The high contact areas of where my hat touches my head are the spots of my scalp that are the thinnest. Also I have no hair left on my ankles from my socks. Seven months now and Im at a loss for what is happening to me. I did loose about 40lbs over last summer in a short amount of time. The Docs/Derms seem to blame this as the cause, but to me it just sounds like an easy answer for them. Im starting to think along the lines of diabetes/lupus some other serious condition, i dunno. No other symptoms other than hairloss I feel great. Anyone who has an opinion please help thanx-Last Hope

08-03-2016, 08:01 PM
sounds like auto-immune alopecia?