View Full Version : Proscar from the internet - Fake or Real?

07-30-2009, 03:38 AM
Hi All,

Firstly may I say that I have been checking in here for weeks, taking all your advice on board and have decided to give the big three a go as a result... thanks guys, heres hoping for a good result! :)

Now for the question, I did order Proscar from the internet, site looked ok, with all certs and https etc etc but how does one know if the tabs are real?

Do you guys have any guidelines as to what the tabs look like, texture, hardness etc.. I have gone down the splitting proscar route for cost reasons but when you split the tabs, are the internals white and only coated in a blue film or should the tablet be blue throughout? Not that I have a lot of experience in cutting tablets but they also seem pretty soft/crumbly? Should I be concerned? Of course the box states that the tabs were manufactured by Merck but have definately been produced for a foreign market or in a foreign market as all box printing and inserts are not in English.. not necessarily a problem, just looking for a little friendly advice!?

I'll keep ye all posted on the results, both wanted and unwanted :confused::D