View Full Version : My Recent FUT Surgery with Dr Wong

05-29-2013, 10:44 AM
Hello All,

I joined the forums a few weeks ago as a way to gather more information about hair transplant procedures. After scouring the forums I finally decided to go in for a consultation with Hasson and Wong. I went in for my consultation on Friday, May 24th in Seattle ... and then like magic, a cancellation happened on Monday, May 27th and I was in Vancouver getting my surgery done by Dr. Wong.

A little background: I started noticing my hair thin around the crown in my mid-twenties. It didn't bother me too much since my hair was fairly long and it wasn't noticeable. As time went on, the whole top of my head started to thin out pretty evenly. Once I hit my thirties, the consistent thinning on top seemed to start to concentrate around the temples. My scalp was showing no matter how I styled my hair. I knew I wasn't going to be happy until I had a procedure to correct the matter.

Some people told me that it wasn't too noticeable, but to me it was super obvious and a point of frustration. The good news is that I still had about 1/2 the density of my original hair, so there was some hair on top to still work with, but the temple area was pretty bare.

Dr. Wong informed me that Asians have less graft density, so he wasn't sure how many grafts he would be able to get from my donor area. Once he got to work, he saw that I had great laxity and was able to remove a large area from the donor area which resulted in 4675 grafts! Originally he thought we would be lucky to even hit 3000.

The procedure lasted about 10 hours or so and the grafts were implanted pretty evenly across the mid zone and crown. I think I'll get great density since there was some hair already there to work with. Unfortunately, Dr. Wong was not able to come up to my original hairline and address my temples that were badly in need of help. His work was about .50-.75 inches short of my original hairline, but he also informed me that my original hairline was actually pretty low. He seemed confident that this was the way to go, so I trust his opinion and I know that the area that was implanted will have great density. I'll just have to learn to live with a higher hairline, but I guess that's a small price to pay for the density that I should get once the grafts grow in.

I'm less than 48 hours out of surgery. There is a little swelling in my forehead and some pain/soreness around the stapled area. The pain was easily managed by the Tylenol 3 that they provided. I also got put onto Proscar. I'm a little concerned about potential side effects, so I'm starting off slow by cutting the Proscar pills into quarters and taking it on MWF.

I will post pictures soon. It'll be hard to find pre-op pictures as I tend to delete or burn any pictures where my thinning is obvious.