View Full Version : For doke, are you still using cg210??? If so hows it going?

05-22-2013, 12:47 PM
Thanks man.

11-16-2013, 02:26 AM
hi i still have some bottles to use and have found a small amount of regrowth and if like many minox is not your bag then try it best to trial what makes you feel good as there are no miracle products at this time.
Have you tried neogenic or the sim product kerastase densifique as i think a three or more month trial is worth trying but remember anyone out there if you have been using minoxidil do not just stop it as you may get more hair loss.

11-21-2013, 03:47 AM
i think that cg210 is another natural that some thought showed promiss but its no miracle even habs has stopped using it after all his hype and hes now on something else.