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05-21-2013, 09:35 AM
Hey Guys,

If you remember, I started a thread about 7 months ago about my possible hair loss, well needless to say I am still a little confused after meeting with some of the top hair surgeons.

Here are my two previous threads:



Over the weekend, I got the chance to see Dr. Rassman and his partner Dr. Pak. Dr. Pak initially saw me and performed a miniaturization test throughout my scalp. He saw no sign of miniaturization on my head, specifically my crown. He initially dismissed me but asked that I do a bulk test before I left. The bulk test they performed showed that I had slight thinning in a small part of my crown. Initially Dr. Pak did not think it was significant, but Dr. Rassman thought otherwise.

Dr. Rassman told me that balding could still occur even when there are no signs of miniaturization and that this means that my balding process is just extremely slow. Dr. Rassman recommended that I start taking propecia/fin.

Now has anyone even heard of this? No miniaturization but you could still be balding? As you remember, I had a miniaturization test performed 7 months ago by another hair transplant surgeon and he also could not find any signs of miniaturization.

Also, in February I was able to see Dr. Lindsey, who is highly regarded by our own Spex. Dr. Lindsey at the time said he did not see anything significant, and recommended that I not start on Fin/Rogaine.

So as you can see, I have now seen 5 different hair transplant surgeons, and all with differing opinions. I am a little hesitant to start on any meds, especially Fin when I have not really seen any change in my hair.....

05-21-2013, 10:27 AM
Personal decision, up to you. Do research.