View Full Version : How many transplants are possible in a 2 day session? 6,000?

05-20-2013, 10:37 AM
Yeah my question is are there any surgeons who can transplant 6,000 grafts in a 2 day session? Example; 4,000 FUT day one and 2,000 FUE day two? Is this possible not only from a time wise point of view but also a physical point of view? (Can your body handle that kind of trauma and recover properly?)

05-20-2013, 12:55 PM
In a clinical sense yes it is possible both in terms of total grafts moved and within a two session schedule.

Possibly another factor to consider would be, "Is it advisable?" Just because the mechanics of performing that large of sessions is possible, what are the repercussions of it?

Well first and foremost would be the overall yield factor considering the level of trauma induced on the entire scalp. Trauma does impact overall yield and the more invasive the procedure(s), the more risk to the overall yield.

IMHO, approaching one's goals more methodically in several sessions allows for less trauma and affords time for the scalp to recoup. It also lends the patient an opportunity to assess their overall restoration in stages allowing for each session to fully mature and to serve as a benchmark for further enhancement "if so desired". The patient may very well feel that 4,000 grafts for example are presently enough while at the same time saving and prudently managing their donor reserves for the future.

We would also really need more of a patient profile to see why the mega-session would be recommended. Is it really in the patient's best interest or is it a case of just pushing the upper limits? And I am always skeptical of these enormous sessions when the overall yield is not tracked and documented.