View Full Version : Questions to ask doctor about propecia? Blood test etc

05-20-2013, 10:14 AM
Ive got an appointment with my dermatologist on Wednesday and I was wondering what sort of questions I should be asking about propecia. I have spoken to him before abou the drug (as well as doing my own research) but decided against it. Now 9 months later I'm reconsidering it because by the sounds I'm destined to be a NW6 and wold very much like to have a transplant. By the sound of things most surgeons would be hesitant to do a transplant until I could stabilise my hair loss.

Anyway, I have heard there is a blood test that can check your DHT levels? Is that right? Is it worth getting that done? Also what about taking a smaller dosage to start with? Is that a good idea? Will that minimise the risk of sides etc?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks