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05-18-2013, 07:32 PM
Hopefully I could get some advice on my Pharmacy Dilemma. I've used Dr.Reedys 1 mg Finax for about a year and have been very happy with it. I order from Unitedpharmacies.com, and as their reputation proceeds them I was a victim of fraudulent charges. It's the only pharmacy I'm aware that has Finax and ships to the states.
So my first initiative is switch to a Prepaid Visa credit card, regardless if I use UPharmacy or not I'd be more comfortable using one with any Online pharmacy. I'm researching prepaid cards and user articles to see if and what can be successfully used with online pharmacies, overseas. I've seen claims you can but no useful details. I'm surprised their isn't a topic on this subject already. Does anybody use a prepaid credit card with their overseas pharmacy, or have knowledge on the matter? Please inform me.

Since a good portion of members vouch for Inhousepharmacy.biz, I think my alternative is switch to Finpecia from Inhouse. Their both Cipla so the option of where it's manufactured is beyond me.. Kumrek or Goa. Maybe a Finpecia user can fill me in on the deal with that..
Bottom line I'm just looking for a legitimate source for my finasteride, so I can avoid my bank account getting drained and having the "My online pharmacy scammed me" conversation with a bank rep again. If it comes down to it I may just bite the bullet and use my Visa at inhouse, I know they're reputable but UP used to be as well. Anyways, helps appreciated. Thanks

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Finax finasteride 1mg
Kirkland minoxidil foam 5%
Nizoral ketoconazole 1%
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05-19-2013, 07:53 AM
Yes I do. I use paypower prepaidvisa. paypowerdotcom... Although I don't use it with a pharmacy, but I shop from places like asia and Europe.. Im in the States.
" The PayPower Prepaid Card gives you the power to make purchases wherever Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide."

I reload the card from a Topfoods every so often.