View Full Version : histogen reports preliminary results at hair conference in amsterdam

joe from staten island
07-28-2009, 10:38 AM
dr. zering of histogen reported preliminary results of the companies hair regrowth product called hsc. after 12 and 24 weeks respectively 85 percent of test subjects regrew approximately 25 percent of their hair, with only 1 injection of the serum containing wnt signaling properties along with other growth stimulants. while 25 percent regrowth is very impressive with only 1 injection, could you imagine how wonderful the results would be if a patient would recieve multiple injections of the hsc serum over a longer period of time. in my opinion the results would be much more significant then the current 25 percent rate of regrowth. histogen states that this product will not be available until 2015 due to fda regulations. in my opinion this product will be available much sooner then the projected date of 2015. lets face it if proven to be sucessful this product would produce billions of dollars in revenue to the histogen corporation.