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05-16-2013, 05:00 PM
Hey guys ive been a lurker on this site for a couple of months now and ive been losing my hair now for about 1~2 years. I wanna give a shout out to all the positive posters out there and guys that really try to inform us noobies on everything there is to know about hairless. I started losing my hair roughly at the age of 20 and im 22 now and it sucks! :). My hairloss situation has made me bit of a worry-er. but i think if you suddenly started to lose your hair and gave 0 ****s then your not really human.
Ive mostly used this site and others to inform myself on the world of hairloss. For the past couple of months ive tried to educate myself as much as i could so i can be confident on what steps i should take and not to take on preventing / helping my hairloss situation.
My hairline is still intact.. I'm one of those diffuse thinners, thinning in a horse shoe pattern but its nothing serious yet. I kind of got a channing tatum situation going on but not as bad. i shave my head with a 2 on the side and 3 on the top, if you google channing tatum shaved head you can see what kind of situation im in. it seems like its slowly starting to get worse but at a very slow rate, no crazy shedding or anything.For now i just put a lil eye shadow on my scalp and it gives me the illusion of a full head of hair so i dont have to worry about people starring at my head all of the time and gets me through the day but its a pain in the ass, and i want to do somthing about it before it gets any worse!
soOOO! ive finally decided to go with the propecia / transitioning to the dut route if all goes well. my hair regimen as of now has been the non effective but SAFE! lol. the usual multi-vitamin / omega 3 / organic, natural topicals. for about a month now ive been using regenepure 1% every other day. last week i ordered a derma roller and a 6 month supply of kirkland minoxidil 5% and should be in the mail any day now. but i think im finally ready for the PINK PILL :eek:. aka propecia and my only problem now is the price of it. i have no insurance so to be cost effective i wanted to ask you guys on advice on where to get to get the cheapest / relabel places to go to get it. or if you guys know ways to get it cheap from a dermatologist but personally i think that would be the most expensive route.
anyways id appreciate any feed back.. i think spencer and joe are funny and..hairloss sucks! hopefully there will be a cure sooner then later :rolleyes:

05-16-2013, 05:05 PM
id also like to know if i should also add s5 cream to my regimen. i was planning to go for the
minox 5% (once a day)
keto 1% (every other day)
multi-vitamin (once a day)
fin 1mg (once a day)
s5 cream (not sure yet)