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05-16-2013, 09:46 AM

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Joe Diego
05-16-2013, 06:35 PM
You're going to need multipul procedures at around 2k graphs each. I would go FUT and one last procedure for scar repair. In a about half a decade you may be where you want to be. IMHO

05-17-2013, 08:36 AM
lol why 5 years to be ok? in two it can be achieved too, and dont go fut, go fue ;) find a surgeon that does many grafts and do it 2 max 3 times , it is achievable i believe

Joe Diego
05-17-2013, 10:31 AM
lol why 5 years to be ok? in two it can be achieved too... , it is achievable i believe

Lol? It's achievable you believe? So this is funny and you're not sure. I've had more than one FUT and I couldn't be happier with my results. Based on the before/after pics from this site and others there is no way I could of achieved my results on FUE alone.

05-24-2013, 12:12 PM

You are definitely headed for a Norwood 6 class and even possibly Norwood 7 in the distant future.

It really depends how much crown work that you might be considering. If you leave the crown alone and focus on the frontal third, then 4 - 5,000 grafts would potentially get your frontal zone into the midscalp with decent coverage.

Although your crown is pretty much gone, you can potentially prevent it from spreading out into a larger balding zone with low dose finasteride.

John P. Cole, MD
05-29-2013, 08:07 PM
Age, family history of hair loss, goals, expectations are all important. One can't have early hair loss in their 20s and not expect more loss later on in life. Look for a family member that you are following in terms of hair loss. Let's say your father looked like you at your present age. You are following him most likely. Suppose your father has a full head of hair. You are not following him. Look on your mother's side in that case.

Then what do you want to accomplish? If you want to do the full head and you are going to loose the full head, the first thing to recognize is that no one has enough hair in the donor area to do the full head. Focus on the front is what i say, but some patients focus on the back. that's bad because you will later be more concerned with the front when it gets worse. Then there is the middle. Don't forget about that. It gets worse with time. Crowns expand peripherally too. Think about where you want the hairline. Low means more grafts. Higher means fewer grafts.

I don't think anyone can answer the how many grafts question without knowing these questions along with donor area density, hair caliber etc. I never make a final decision on hairline location without piecing together the final characteristics or objective findings. These include donor density, hair caliber, cross sectional trichometry, and calculated density or hairs per graft. Then i look at the grafts when i take them out individually. One can't make a determination without knowing all of this. In my experience few physicians look at all of these variables, but they are essential to a treatment plan long term. Anyone can make a patient happy short term, but long term is what you need to focus on.

Joe Diego thanks for your opinion, but I was FUE when FUE wasn't cool. I went to FUE because there are a number of patients whose primary concern is their strip scar. No procedure produces a perfect donor area, but FUE provides the opportunity for a more aesthetically acceptable donor area. One cannot assume that a scar repair will solve their strip scar problems. To do so is simply naive. Scar repairs never solve the marriage of different hair growth angles or the different qualities of hair one gets with a strip harvest. Trust me I know because i get scar repair patients all the time. Grafting is the only way to go ultimately and this will not solve all the problems including the dreaded horse's tail where the hair below the scar is angled up like a horse's tail. We get great results with FUE. I know. I've done over 8000 strip procedures and over 5000 FUE procedures. No one has more FUE experience than I do. There is no perfect solution to hair loss, but FUE offers a better option for multiple hair styles. No procedure guarantees a shaved head to a bic. If a bic is what you want, there are better FUE options, however. This is why a FUE proceedure needs to be tailored to a patients long term goals and hair loss pattern. By the way, I'm happy you are pleased with your multiple strips and scar repair. Unfortunately, many patients are not happy with even their single strip harvest.