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05-14-2013, 03:53 PM
Hello everyone,

I'm 25 years old and started to lose my hair at 20. My temples are progressively receding but my crown is not damaged yet. About a year ago I decided to do something about it so I started with special shampoos and soon realised that it was expensive and just inneffective.

So six months ago I decided to go on Propecia. It stopped my hairloss but there was no regrowth. I was glad with that. Then about two months ago I started to have eczema on my legs. I did not make a relation between Propecia and eczema because I often had period of eczema even without Propecia. However my eczema turned quite bad, worse than ever in my life. Even powerful topicals wasn't working. Then I had itching and skin dryness on the face. I started to think that Propecia was the cause of this. So I went to see my doctor. He indicated me that itching was one possible side effect but wasn't sure of the connection between Propecia and eczema. He ended by saying

"You can stop propecia if you want, it's up to you"

I quit Propecia about one month ago and skin dryness and itching disappeared. I still have eczema. Note that I never had sexual side effects.

The fact is my hairloss seems to be a very slow process and I'm now NW 2-3. I thought about Minox but since principal side effect is itching and I already have eczema, I am afraid to take it.

So am I just f****d?

I think I have only three choices.

1) Taking meds being 70% sure it has side effects on me.
2) Waiting and go for Gho when I won't be able to look at me in the mirror anymore.
3) Just live with hairloss

I have the feeling that option 2 is the one I have to choose but I would like to have your advice.

I think that alopecia is more a natural process than an illness but what if it impacts your mental health? I already had very bad times in my life and nearly fell into deep depression. I don't want it again and think I don't have to endure that, no matter how much I have to pay.

I'm a bit lost and wait for your advice. Thank you.


PS : By the way I'm not a native english speaking. Sorry for the mistakes.