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05-13-2013, 04:52 AM
Hello everyone,

I am 23 years old, male, about to finish my studies. Ever since I was about 19-20 people started telling me I was balding, but I never really payed attention.

I tried shampoos, lotions, and pills from time to time, but never really had any effect. Products sold on pharmacies and barbershops mostly (can't recall any brand at the moment)

Recently I started seeing some skin through the hair at the top of my head, wich started worrying me. So I shaved it, and here is what it looks like:


It seems as I still have hair in quantity, but really really thin. Also my hair is pretty much oily.

My habits: I usually wash it every 2 days, since "people" say I shouldn't wash it very often. And dry it with towel. I don't use any kind of hairstyling product (and haven't ever since I was about 13-14), nor any type of hat.

In my familly none of grandparents are bald. Just thining hair, receding hairline and the "crown", wich I think is good for men in their 80's. My dad has curly strong hair, and his balding spots looks about the same as mine, only he has 45 and I have 23 lol. My mother has thin hair, but not really any balding spots.

Since I don't really know much about hair and treatments, I come here to ask for your advice and tips for my case.
If you can direct me to threads that are related to my case I would very much thank you also.

Cheers to everyone :D