View Full Version : Getting only one transplant to cover whole scalp?

05-08-2013, 06:19 PM
I'm new to this forum completely, and I'm 22 but have considerable hair loss all over my scalp (crown, hairlines, etc.). It's been going on since I was 15, but basically, I kept losing hair everywhere and now you can see patches of my scalp pretty much all over the top. It's really embarrassing.

There is still hair there, and chances are, all of that hair that is there right now will fall off. At the same time, my 33 year old brother has hair kind of like mine (where the scalp has thinned out a tad, but hair is still there enough - his began early also), so mine could potentially stay the way it is now.

I realize I'm young, but I'm getting a consult soon. I can't stand losing my hair; quite literally, its ruining my self-confidence and I have to apply concealer all over it every morning to hide it.

Can't I just get one big transplant in which a whole bunch of donor hair from the sides/back are put all over the entire scalp, even in areas where hair growth is still present? Basically, the idea is to get the scalp completely covered with transplanted grafts so that even when the old, native hair falls out in the next few years, there will still be enough transplanted hair to where it still looks full/thick (aka future hair loss won't be noticeable)?

I'm allergic to propecia and with Rogaine, my ears swelled hot red and became all peely and itchy, so I'm not taking either of those

05-08-2013, 09:04 PM
An HT to cover the whole head would probably be advised against. It's better to focus on reconstructing your hairline first, I think.

One thing I have to warn you about, even though you can't use the two FDA hair loss meds, is that even with an HT, your hair will still fall due to MPB. Not the transplanted hairs but the rest of your hair will continue falling. This is why HT doctors advise you to get on fin and Rogaine for at least 6 months-1 year to stabilize your hair loss. Otherwise, transplanting hair over an aggressive MPB'er is like an uphill battle and your head would look weird with only the transplanted hairs.

Since your case is a special case in which you already tried finasteride and minoxidil, for the first time I will refer to some one to the experimental drug called RU58841.



I'd understand if you are not interested. There's MAD sh*t to do. But since you can't use 2/3rd of the Big 3, I can't really recommend anything else. There's Avodart/Dutasteride, but if Propecia did that to you i'm not sure if I should recommend that even though they're different drugs, they kinda do the same thing.

Good luck. I hope I helped a little. There's more knowledgeable members here about HT's than me, so maybe my information about not getting an HT to cover the whole head is misinformation. But from what I have read, it's not a very good idea unless you have a massive amount of donor hair and can pull it off.