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04-30-2013, 08:26 PM
Okay guys, I posted a really long time ago about my hairloss.
I just wanted to login and say that I have NOT been online often regarding hairloss because it has (appeared to anyway) stopped for me.
I was on 2.5MG of Finasteride (Proscar cut in half) initially. I switched to Avodart. There was some difficulty in me getting this drug after noticing a lump on my nut.
I find that I became more paranoid as I surfed sites like this regarding side effects of these anti-hairloss medications we take. I am prone to having cysts grow on my testicles naturally apparently, and instantly thought the "C" word when I first noticed them. Don't drop the meds because you think it's the reason. Don't be like me! It just continues a vicious cycle of paranoia. The more you surf online, the more you find BAD things that only prevent you from seeing the good side. Sure, these medications are in fact non-natural, and harmful, but there's always a risk/benefit with every medicine right?

Anyways after a very LONG time of practically begging, I got referred to a hair specialist. I was given Avodart which is Dutasteride (name brand...ouch it's expensive at pharmacies). I've been on this for coming up to a year now I believe, and I have absolutely NO change in my hair. No regrowth (if any has regrown I would say it's from the minoxidil). But absolutely no LOSS at all. I would love to post pics but I have lost my camera which is extremely embarrassing because the person who found it has seen my clubbing photos and many folders of left, right, and part hair shots on the SD card. :eek:

This isn't a miracle post, but I can say that for now I am certain my hairloss has halted. It was VERY rapid and aggressive before, especially comparing it to how it has been since starting medication. I think the avodart has been the key in my case.

The point of this post is to all the young guys out there. Please remember, you can do something about it. I know your pain! These are our young years, and we should look good and have hair hah! Don't bother with stuff like Saw Palmetto if you are absolutely sure that you CANNOT continue without your hair. Because it will go fast. My only regret is not getting on dutasteride earlier. Like at age 18, on my birthday =P

PS: I think Avodart's patent is expiring pretty soon, and generics should be on their way. This means that we won't have to be as broke and still look great!

I thought I'd shed more light on the dreaded topic of SIDES.
I never had any side effects really. But I can't really remember my junk from before, so I guess it seems like it's normal to me. But then again I am different from every other guy here. I am a bit nervous about the liver damage part, because that is something I do not check often!

04-30-2013, 09:07 PM
Thank you for your inspiring post !!! I am glad the meds worked out for you :)

Love reading success stories like this.

05-01-2013, 05:32 AM
Good luck bro, glad the meds work for you.
Keep us updated with results

05-05-2013, 09:00 PM
Nice. Thats very good to hear.
And even better with the advodart generics coming soon cuz the generic fin alone is burning a new hole in my ass

05-05-2013, 10:18 PM
Nice. Thats very good to hear.
And even better with the advodart generics coming soon cuz the generic fin alone is burning a new hole in my ass

Same. Hopefully soon too.