View Full Version : covering or removing transplant scar

04-29-2013, 01:17 PM
Hi all,

I had a transplant done two years ago (2,500) grafts FUT. As you can imagine, the scar is pretty big and wraps around the back of my head. Unfortunately my hair loss has continued and I've decided to shave my head and call it a day--this decision comes after years of rogaine use as well as almost two years of propecia (which i had to quit due to sides)--what I mean is, I have tried the options available and have decided to accept it my hairloss. Of course, shaving my head is problematic with the big scar.

I've read a lot on line and in this forum about the best method to cover the strip scar and i am confused. Some say FUE--others say the hairs won't transition well into scar tissue, others say SMP, however it's unclear the long term effects of the ink and coloration, etc. can anyone here vouch for either method based on personal experience?

Many thanks for your help!