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crown exposed
07-23-2009, 12:08 PM
I just had my transplant yesterday, after spending about 10 years thinking about it. I'm amazed at how little pain I felt. I've got a few questions for you guys though.
My post op instructions say no strenuous excercise for 14 days, although light excercise such walking, bicycling can be resumed right away. Well, I play in a band and have to set up gear. Some amps weight 50 lbs. Would I be safe to carry those a few feet and set them up?
My girlfriend and I are planning a canoe trip next week. Is there any danger in me falling in? aside from the obvious drowning?:)
And lastly....what do you guys tell people (friends and coworkers) when they notice youve more hair than you used to? I've not told anyone about this except my girlfriend.
My transplant involved only a few hundred near the front (for density) and about 8-900 at crown area (where the hair lost was obvious).

07-23-2009, 12:23 PM
Congrats on your HT! I had one too, over a year ago. Wh0 did your HT?

Definitely default to your doctor for any questions related to exercise or swimming. But as an FYI, my doctor said I can do whatever I want after 10 days, because the grafts were completely anchored.

Also, as far as getting more hair and what to say about it ... it's actually a fun ride man. As obvious as an HT is, people just can't seem to get their hands around it. People have said everything to me from: "I like the new way you are styling your hair", to "did you lose weight in your face?" (whatever that means!), to "looks like you're taking care of yourself". Have fun with it, say whatever you want, even deny it or say nothing has changed. As long as your results are undetectable and natural-looking, people won't be able to get their hands around it. Not even my closest friends and family members know what's up!


crown exposed
07-23-2009, 12:58 PM
Dr. Buchwach of Overland Park, KS (Kansas City metro) did mine. I'll probably call him tomorrow, I just hate to keep bugging him as I've called him twice already. I should note that he gave me his home and cell number and encouraged me to call anytime without hesitation. I just thought I'd pose some questions here and get your take on it.
Right now I can see the scabs, but also some whitish lumps. When I described those to Dr. Buchwach over the phone, he said it sounds like I may be seeing part of the grafts themselve and explained how you set the graft slightly above the skin? or something like that. Anyhow, he assured me that that part would flake off as well as the scab and there would be no noticeable sign of the transplant.
I guess I do have another question: Right now I can still see the donor area in the mirror. I realize I still have the stitches so that's part of it. But I do like to wear my hair short on the sides and back #2-3 clipper. Any idea how long this will be noticeable?
PS. I should have joined the forum earlier, I've been lurking for some time reading posts and such.;)

Mr. 4000
07-25-2009, 09:03 PM
I say wait for that hair to grow, grow it long and the next show you do, rock it out! Like Iron Maiden or something like that!

I think the amp carrying is fine just don't drop your chin to your chest, keep pressure of any kind off the donor area.

I have read where some guys won't lift hard for up to 4 months, to eliminate the possibility of stretching the scar, which makes it wider.

I have this on my leg. I played a week and a half of hockey with stitches in my leg. My doc said go for it and doubled up on the rope, half the incision is white and pencil thin, but the other half is a wider and red. That is from the pressure from skating. That is what you don't want on your head. So just chill out until the donor heals.

I agree if people ask you anything have fun with it.....just don't mislead another balding guy, that would be messed up, but you could have fun with that too I guess.