View Full Version : planning to start minoxidil

07-22-2009, 10:23 AM
hi , i m 22 i have been on propecia for three months and i m planning to start using rogaine and i want to clear on few things before actually starting it.Actually i have diffuse thinning in frontal region , the hairline did not recede but the density of the hair has decreased in the fornt and i lost some hair near the parting in the front which appears to me like tarction alopecia and to be frank at this moment my hair loss is not that bad and its not noticeable but i feel i have lost some hair for sure because two years back my hair was very thick and my scalp wasnt visible even under sunlight or any bright light and my father is bald but he didn experience advanced MPB he started to bald in his late 40's and the other close males relatives have a full head of hair who are of the same age of my father

this is my condition ...and i want to know whthere its safe to use minoxidil and can it be applied for diffuse thinning between the hairs and the quantity that shud be applied and in any case does it damage the existing hair???