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04-18-2013, 03:31 PM
Hey guy, i just had a quick question as to what is the best applicator for ru. Ive heard of droppers, and syringes either with or without a needle. Any thoughts gentlemen?

04-18-2013, 03:33 PM
Refer to this post:

A lot of people ask how to acquire, mix, apply, etc. RU58841, so this thread will hopefully answer a lot of questions.

Things You'll Need:

1) Get 10 grams of RU from Kane.

2) At the same time order off of eBay or Amazon a 0.001 gram digital scale. You NEED this to correctly measure 30-100mg of RU for each application. These typically cost between $20-30 US, heres the one I use: http://i50.tinypic.com/23j28wn.jpg

3) Buy yourself the following items at the drug store;
-1ml dropper ($2-3.00 max)
-100ml or more of propylene glycol (aka PG) (I paid $3.10 for 200ml)
-Everclear alcohol. Make sure it is 95% alcohol/190 Proof. http://tinypic.com/r/246rjmd/6

4) Obtain a very small bottle that holds no more than 20ml of liquid, you'll need this to make your daily mix of RU with PG and Everclear. I use a small 'Testors' bottle (I bought it containing paint but knew I would dump it out and use it for mixing RU). Refer here for my testors bottle:
Image: http://a248.e.akamai.net/origin-cdn.volusion.com/vjgje.xrorj/v/vspfiles/photos/8804T-2.jpg
http://www.newcenturyhobbies.com/Testors_Decal_Setting_Solution_1_4_oz_Bottle_8804T _p/8804t.htm

Although, a company called 'Aztek' also makes small bottles, check here:
Image: http://www2.gpmd.com/image/t/tesr5330.jpg

5) Buy yourself a small measuring spoon, you don't need to go balls out on this, just get something cheap but SMALL even from a cheap 'Dollar Store'. You'll need to scoop up the RU powder somehow.

Note: here's an image of some of the stuff thats used in my arsenal against MPB:


Whats is a 'Vehicle' ?

RU powder cannot be applied directly on the scalp with the hopes of being effective. It needs to penetrate the skin and works it magic where the hair follicle lives. This can only be done when RU is mixed into a solution like Everclear or KB and dissolved completely. Your solution should end up looking completely clear. This is known as a vehicle. In this guide I show and explain how to use RU with Everclear. There is also another popular one (as mentioned previously) called KB. You can buy this in group buys or elsewhere (Kane, MPB Treatments) and mix RU in that. KB is a prepared vehicle, so you won't need to mix any alcohols and PG together which is a bonus, but the downside is you don't have control over the ratio between alcohol/pg.

How To Mix:

1) Using your digital scale and scoop, measure however much you'd like to use. Don't use more than 100mg *ever* although its good to start off for the first month or so at a higher dosage like 100mg only to kickstart the whole process and any potential regrowth. Make sure to use the TARE function when you've got your small plate on the scale, obviously this cannot be weighed as part of the RU powder so you'll need to be at 0.000 weight before beginning.

2) Dump the RU powder into your small bottle.

3) Using your 1ml dropper, pour 0.7ml of everclear into the bottle and let the RU mix with it for 10minutes or so. I typically mix the RU and everclear a little more by squeezing in and squeezing out the mixed solution with the dropper. Having it just sit doesn't desolve it completely. I do this for about 30 seconds though.

4) Using your 1ml dropper again, pour in 0.3ml of PG into the bottle and mix it again with the RU and everclear. I typically wait a couple minutes for it to mix in completely.

Youre ready to apply.


1) Its absolute BEST to apply mixed and prepared RU after youve washed your hair/scalp and your hair is completely dry. Try to apply it within 30 minutes of washing your hair because your scalp produces an oily substance called sebum which will lessen the efficacy of RU penetrating the skin and blocking DHT topically.

2) If using on your hairline, be aware that the RU solution is a bit watery so its best to apply WITHIN and behind the hairline. You'll want to preserve what may be receded but potentially also regrow any hair. This way, youre not just applying it the slick bald spots, you want to maintain as well! If you apply it just outside the hairline to regrow anything, you'll find that a lot of runs down your noggin and go to waste.

Tip: Exfoliate your scalp! This is actually good because it removes old skin and lets you fight DHT even better. Try to buy yourself an exfoliating cream. Theyre not too expensive, maybe $25 at the most but you won't use much of it anyway, just around the hairline/temples or wherever needed. I typically exfoliate before showering. Let the cream sit for about 1-2 minutes though.


Keep your RU powder sealed and in the fridge or better yet in the freezer to have the efficacy last for as long as possible. I've read that RU can withstand several weeks in normal room temperature before it goes bad, but don't risk that and just store it in the fridge/freezer. Also, make sure it is kept AWAY from light and sealed tight blocking out air. I have mine stored in a small plastic bottle closed tight but I also put the bottle into a ziplock bag as well and in the fridge.


Try not to buy anything thats an 'all-in-one' as the efficacy in that is pretty much crap compared to fresh daily batches of mixed RU. Its best to do this process every day, but 3-5 days worth of batches prepared is fine as well. It is tedious at first, but soon enough it will become pretty quick and you wont need to use the digital scale and you'll end up just eye-balling it. Again, try to store it in the fridge and away from light and air. I suppose one of those old 35mm film roll containers could work quite well against light, but keep it double sealed regardless.

How long will RU58841 last?
It depends on the concentration. The higher concentration, the better the efficacy, the shorter it will last you and the more its going to cost you. Its also going to depend how many times a day you apply and if you apply more than 1ml per application. 10mg of RU in 1ml is useless. Don't expect results. 20mg isnt going to do much either, so don't bother. I wouldn't go below 50mg.

I've upped my dosage to 100mg/1ml and apply once daily. So, do the math;

10grams (10,000mg) / 100mg = 100 applications

Since I use RU once daily, that obviously gives me 100 days worth of usage, so a little over 3 months. If you buy from Kane, 10g will cost you $225, or $75/month.