View Full Version : 5 Ways Your Brain Is Tricking You into Being Miserable

04-16-2013, 07:44 PM

While Cracked is mostly known for its humor, many articles also are very enlightening about life. They still interject humor, but that's what makes them so good, in addition when it comes to certain things they quite regularly cite research papers or other articles affirming what they are talking about.

This article is quite pertinent for this site and thought I would share it. These are the 5 topics.

#5. Your Brain Latches onto the Bad Stuff by Design
#4. Killing Negative Thoughts Only Makes Them Stronger
#3. Grief Is Addictive
#2. You'd Rather Be Unhappy Than Uncertain
#1. Being Happy Takes Effort

I'm cross-posting into the Womens forum as well as this is gender neutral.