View Full Version : Anyone know about Planus Lichen?

04-16-2013, 01:14 PM
My biopsy results came in and I'm seeing one of the best (Dr. Nusbaum) down in southern Florida and he said he believes I've MPB, but he at the same time is confused because both scalp biopsies showed up positive for Planus Lichen. He is apparently so stumped he's referring me to one of the top researchers in the world for hair loss at U.M. He doesn't want me to treat anything until going to visit him...

From what I've read this Planus Lichen can cause hairloss (which isn't reversible...) and it isn't something that's cured, you treat it and it can go away or come as it pleases. I'm pretty scared about now. My hairline is still just as strong as a year ago, it's just the crown and top of my head that are thinning. I just want to make it stop and HT it and fix it already :(

So at this point, I don't know if my hairloss is from the rare planus lichen inflammation or male pattern, and apparently the Dr. doesn't either since he wants me to report back to him after visiting a hardcore researcher.