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Mr c hall
04-13-2013, 04:31 AM
Hello all.

My story is the same as so many others - transplant when i was young and left with scarring!!

I have an area measuring 7cm x 2.5cm on the back of my scalp where about 60 plugs were removed for the transplant. I recently had several sessions of SMP on the area and, despite drastically reducing the visibilty of the scars, they are still clearly visible in certain lights, including outdoor natural light.

Now that i have shaved my head down, i have no way of covering these scars. I really cant bare the thought of growing out my hair and going back to using concealers again. I have seen some examples of scar revision/excision surgery on the net. Does anyone here have experience of such treatment? I am fully aware that a 'new' scar would be far more noticeable than the current but 1 big scar would be easier to explain than the symetrical rows of dots that i currently have!!

As the scarred area is only 7cm, i would not be left with anything like the ear-to-ear FUT transplant scars. To be honest, i would be happy to have any type of scarring in the area to replace these damn plugs!!!

Any advice or suggestions regarding surgery would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks guys.

Dr. Glenn Charles
04-14-2013, 07:21 PM
You may be able to have some sort of scar revision or possibly do FUE into the 60 circular scars in the donor area. How is your scalp laxity in the scared area. Does it feel tight there?

Mr c hall
04-14-2013, 09:42 PM
Dr G, thanks for the reply.

I would say that I have 'average' laxity in that area.

FUE into the scars is a route I would not want to go down, after my previous HT experience.