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04-08-2013, 08:08 PM
Hi all,

This is my first time posting but have been visiting these forums for years now. In 2008 I unfortunately went to Bosley for a 1500 graph hair transplant. I obviously did not do my research and regretted it directly afterwards. I was duped into those cheesy ads and marketing campaign. I was only 24 at the time and put my trust into the hands of their surgeons. I cannot remember the original doctors name who I was told I would be having the procedure with but once I arrived in their offices for the transplant they told me a guy named Dr. Work would be doing my procedure while the original doctor assisted. I believe I was Dr. Work's first patient as he was in training at the time.. I wish at that point I would have just walked out the door but being so nervous and naive I went through with it.

I am unhappy with the transplant because the graph placement looks very unnatural and doll like. The hairline is too far down and is straight across without any receding effect. I hate it and really want to get it repaired. I feel like the best way to go about it would be to get the graphs removed via FUE and have the graphs placed further up making the hairline look more natural. I know Hasson and Wong do not do FUE but would like to eventually get a HT done by them after getting the first one removed.

I'm worried about scarring on the hairline if I went through with a FUE to remove the bosley HT. Is there anybody who has had a similar procedure done? I'm sure there are plenty but would really like some insight from those who went through the same thing. Thanks!

04-09-2013, 03:44 PM
Your story is very familiar and lots of guys have been through the same thing. I'm not sure if any post here though.

With many of these big HT chains you never know anything about the doctor who will be performing the procedure. You don't know how much experience he has and don't get to see patient photos that are actually the result of his work.

It's possible that in your case a good result could be achieved just by re-shaping the hairline with careful placement of more grafts. This would also increase the density and hide any of the hairs which look unnatural.

But you're right, some grafts might need to be removed if your hairline is far too low. Sometimes it's best just to destroy the offending hairs through laser hair removal. It might be a waste but hopefully only a small number will need to go.

You have options. I don't need to see you to know that many guys have been in a far worse position, but have been repaired and ended up looking totaly natural.

Dr. Glenn Charles
04-10-2013, 07:17 PM
Often cases like your can be corrected be using the FUE technique to remove some of the grafts (especially in corners), replanting them in a more proper location, and possible adding more grafts between the prior grafts to give a more natural appearance. Laser hair removal is another option but would likely need several treatments.