View Full Version : Flaky scalp with hair loss. Please help!

04-03-2013, 07:24 AM
Hey guys,
I am suffering from hair loss. My hair is very dry, light and brittle. If I shake my hands through my hair when my hair is dry, hair begins to fall out but there are more little white flakes than hair that fall out aswell. Is this dandruff? Could the drandruff be causing my hair loss? is this treatable? I have lost a bit of hair on both my temples and i have a slight receeding hair line but i think if I get the right treatment, the hair on my temples will grow back because i can still see the follicles but they are thinning on the temples. When i was younger i used to bleach my hair alot. On one occassion i bleached my hair about 4 times in 1 week because i wasnt happy with the colour and this has most definitely damaged my hair. Can the over-useage of hair dye trigger a hair condition or a hair loss condition? Most times when a hair falls out there is this little white bulb attached to the end of it. I amint sure whether I have MPB or a hair condition. Any ideas guys? I would appreciated some adequate information.

Thanks guys.

04-03-2013, 04:11 PM
If you're not sure if you have MPB, you should see a dermatologist to get that sorted out. Know that MPB is much more common (damn near normal) than other scalp conditions, so don't waste time telling yourself it's something else.

Sure, sure - hair dye maybe could trigger it, stress maybe could trigger it. But, MPB is the much more likely culprit. The longer you wait, the more you'll deteriorate, likely. Get that resolved ASAP.

I have MPB and super bad dandruff as well. I live where it's pretty cold and typically don't wear hats because they mat my hair down. Realize that dandruff is also very common in people, so don't assume there's an association (not saying there isn't).

Go see a derm. If (s)he confirms MPB, get on finasteride. I wasted a lot of time telling myself it was TE, or a season shed, this, that, the other thing. Please don't make that mistake as well.