View Full Version : allergan not testing lattise for male pattern baldness

joe from staten island
07-16-2009, 08:34 AM
i have just got off the phone with allergan corporation makers of lattisse, and they informed me that they are not currently conducting studies on latisse for it indications in regards to male pattern baldness. be advised i have called the allergan corporation on 4 seperate occasions and have recieved the same negative response. i am convinced that they are misleading me and the countless other callers that have spoken to them. it is extremely obvious that lattise would extremely surpass the results of minoxidil in the regeneration of scalp hair at the very least. remember that over 500 million dollars of minoxidil was sold in the united states alone last year. could you just imagine if a more potent version of latisse was sold for the treatment of male pattern baldness. i would estimate that this drug would be a blockbuster for allergan corporation, shall we say at minimum of 5 billion dollars a year. the whole situation just does not add up, i would appreciate any input that anyone has to offer. thank you joe