View Full Version : Dr. Lindsey 1500 graft repair of scalp avulsion injury McLean VA

Dr. Lindsey
04-02-2013, 07:23 AM
This 50ish year old professional had a number of hair transplants by 2 local competitors over the years. His donor area is quite full of plug and strip scars, and I personally think the hairline is a bit thin. Interestingly, he and an injury where the entire left hairline and frontal 1/3 were avulsed, removing skin and transplanted hairs.

We harvested a standard strip and closed him with 3 layers. Then, in order to get additional hair we did a separate strip over the left temple region—the only virgin scalp he had available. The techs were able to get 1500 grafts which were placed into slightly scar occupied recipient scalp uneventfully. We had the opportunity to work with 9 health care professionals over the past 12 months and this man did the best job following instructions of all of them. Doctors and nurses generally make the worst patients!

He lives in our area and I hope to get pics periodically this year. Cases like this are a break from the routine and present a fun and challenging opportunity for the techs and me.

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA