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03-31-2013, 11:43 AM
Im 20 years old and i first noticed i had a slight receding hairline on one side when i was 18. My dad started going bald at 19 but both my grandads didnt go bald until their 40's/50's so i convinced myself it was nothing for almost a year, during this time the top of my head also started thinning and looking back on it now it wasnt that bad but at the time it seemed it so i decided to start taking propecia.
After about 3 months of taking it i noticed some increased shedding which stopped after about a month and i had some regrowth and apart from my hairline (which i could hide) my hair looked good. So at this point i stopped worrying about it and got on with life.
Then we come to month number 7 (december last year) and i started noticing slight shedding but nothing too bad so i wasnt worried about it. But a month and a half later and i was still shedding and the top of my head started thinning out so i got concerned. My scalp then started itching as well, nothing major at first but it gradually got worse after another month so i started using niz which helped and started taking zinc tablets.
And now a few weeks ago the shedding got really bad so i started applying minox 5% once a day, i would apply it twice but i really dont have time in the morning and it my makes my scalp itch like hell.
And now present day im still shedding worse than ever and my scalp is becoming more and more visible in the top of my head.
So im starting to think that the propecia has just stopped working, im still going to carry on with my regime until iv been taking propecia a full year and if i see no improvements im just going to stop taking it and cut my hair short grow some stubble and hit the gym harder than i already do, and maybe just carry on taking minox to see if it helps.

So thats my story hope it helps anyone worried about hairloss and feel free to leave any feedback