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03-31-2013, 07:23 AM

I am a 20 years old man who comes from Denmark. My english is not very good, but I will try.

I have had hair loss since I was 18 years old. I therefore started on a treatment with hairklinik (hairklinik.com) for about 3½ months ago. Every night I bring 6-7 ml. "extract" on my scalp. "Extract" is the treatment product containing different active plant substances (180 ml) mixed with minoxidil 5% (60 ml.). In the morning I wash my hair with their environmentally friendly shampoo that not keeps any kind of harmful substances.

I have heard many good things about hairklinik, and I know many people, that have good experiences with their treatments with them. Hairklinik is known as one of the most leading hair clinics in treatments of hair loss, and they have just opened a clinic in Dubai.

They are very honest when they say, if they can help the single client or not. I was lucky because my hair is not totally dead and I suffer of manly hair loss. They also said to me before treatment, if I really want this because it may cost a lot of patience, desire and time before seing clearly results.

Now I am in treatment and it has been good but also descent. At first I only had a treatment with the extract WITHOUT minoxidil, and now I had a treatment with the minoxidil mixed, which they called the "combi treatment". With the combi treatment I experience a massive hair loss, especially in the morning when I go to the toilet and stroke my hand through my hair. In addition my scalp is also itchy and irritating sometimes (I also had/have red spots sometimes), and once my scalp had eczema, but not anymore. Is this a very bad thing or should I continue despite of the itching and irritation? Have anyone good results/experiences with hairklinik or minoxidil, even though the scalp was/is itchy and irritating?

Thanks for reading and waiting for some answers :)