View Full Version : attention dr. greco ,prp therapy for a norwood6

joe from staten island
07-15-2009, 06:59 AM
hi dr. greco my congratulations on your prp therapy. i am very confused about something. you have previously stated that your prp therapy will not work in a person who has severe hair loss. i do not understand this, as you know the hair follicle never dies , it is just minitaurized. have you tried your prp therapy on a severely balding individual. are you conducting research to increase the potency of your current prp therapy to be able to treat an individual who is suffering with severe hair loss. in theory your prp therapy should work on all individuals suffering with male pattern baldness. in the near future do you believe that you can increase the effectiveness of your prp therapy to treat individuals with more severe hair loss. in addition do you believe a person recieving prp therapy should ingest anti androgens such as propecia or advodart. thank you for your time dr. greco , sincerely joe