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Limmer HTC
03-27-2013, 08:36 AM
The case presented today is that of a woman undergoing an ultra refined dense packing follicular unit micrograft session of just over 1200 grafts to advance her frontal hair line around 1-1.5 cm. She underwent standard excisional surgery removing 14-15 square centimeters of donor followed by standard trichophytic closure.
Shown are four sets of photos. Set one is pre op photos. Set two are immediate post op photos. Set three are at 9 days post op and include a good view of her healing donor. Finally set four shows her result at 18 months post opů.fully grown in.
Over all I feel/she feels she has had a very nice result and in spite of having a high contrast ratio between her hair color and skin color we were able to achieve a density that both are happy with. The only thing she might opt to do is now plant her temporal points and any additional grafts harvested used to tweak her hairline. Dr. Brad Limmer