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03-25-2013, 08:11 AM
In Vitro under magnification Hair Doubling of 6 single follicles grafts has been bisected to 12 new single follicles graft by bisecting at the Dermal Papilla level and all were implanted at the recipient area and not at the donor.

Out of the implanted 12 bisected follicles, 3 follicles were propped out may be due to liquid stem cell, PRP injection, etc. Hence still 9 single follicles grafts were still present at the recipient area and growing till today. The picture of the post procedure after 2 months will be posted next week.

It is very much possible that the part of the 3 propped out follicle were still present at the recipient area, which will re-grew with additional of activated stem cells.

In both bisected follicles, we have also injected progenitor cd200, cd34, ck19, versican and alkaline phosphate positive, epidermal and dermal stem cell respectively.

Although we can see 13 single hair follicles from 12 bisected follicles (3 discarded bisected follicles may not have totally propped out and the additional 1 follicle can be due to addition of stem cell and DP cells we are not sure) bisected single follicles at the recipient on day 7 itself.







03-25-2013, 08:15 AM
Your pictures have improved dramatically.