View Full Version : Need help reversing capsaican and Soy Isoflavones supps!

03-23-2013, 03:43 AM
Well, I tried the combo from that experiment of caps+soy isoflavones for hair regrowth for 40 days. The Soy Isoflavones were 80mg (identical to experiment) and then there was a blend of Caps+Garlic that equaled 1.08g. I've always eaten spicy food so wasn't too worried about the caps, but soy is a relative new part of my diet and I've been researching everything about it to come up with a conclusion if it was okay. It seems the objective stance is what bananana said earlier in the thread about it in that it's okay/good for you, but there are also a ton of warnings on several websites too. There is also talk that it helps frontal lobe function and is an endocrine disrupter. As for my personal reaction.....
I feel it had some big negative effects on me. It's tough to say it's definitely from the soy because of a couple potentially confounding things I did, but one of the first effects as I started to take it is being more mellow and more sensitive to avoiding stress. I may be biased, but I consider this effect as definitely bad now because I don't consider it my usual self and feel I had less ambition for my usual things and life, but I guess it can also be seen as good because I was less stressed about things that probably aren't too big of a deal.
As I was continuing with it though, I noticed I trended more to this mellow and started becoming anxious and down and then quickly stopped the supps. While on it at the end, and the first days off of it I wasn't reacting to things like I normally do and didn't feel myself and then I started becoming super paranoid, anxious, and analyzing whether whatever I did was my usual self or not.
I didnt notice any of the classic "fin" sides like decreased sex drive, gyno, etc. but as mentioned in another forum, I guess its because the soy supp wasnt strong enough to create that dramatic an increase in estrogen- but strong enough to raise it to the extent where all my other hormones went out of whack and my mind jumped off the deep end.
I also feel some reduced cognition on certain days, but also thinking about issues I hadn't thought about much before in life. It may just be anecdotal but I've heard people say bald people are more viril and intelligent and it's interesting that I experienced some negatives in both being full of life and my intellect.
As for hair growth, I did continue to see vellous hairs grow like crazy, but that could've been from the glucosomine/msm combo I was still on as well...and 40 days is not a fair experiment for hair growth. Either way, for me, I'm not sure I've recovered from this and it's currently not worth it for me to take this combo for even one more day. I'm begging the forum for help on what I may be able to do to ensure I am 100% back to normal. I did hormone tests and everything (testosterone, estradiol, t3, cortisol, DHEA) checks out (I haven't had soy in over a month and a half). My Growth Hormone is 0.1, that's not out of range, but I do feel it should be higher since I'm an otherwise athletic, 32 y/o. I would mabe do HGH/maybe a natural HGH booster, really anything to make sure I am better. Any suggestions? What I would most like to get back is I used to be almost attracted/live for stressful situations and have a pretty big drive/excitement for work and life but feel I have lost a lot of it and have anxiety/being down in the way. I really appreciate any help in advance, I really need it!

03-23-2013, 04:15 AM
Btw, the study said this supplement combo increases IGF-1 so maybe I stopped producing HGH for my own IGF-1?