View Full Version : Help sourcing a hairloss product. Can no longer find it.

03-20-2013, 08:08 PM
Hiya everyone.

When I was younger I was losing quite a bit of hair, I went on a treatment of propecia, minoxidil and 2% spironolactone liquid.

This worked perfectly, and regained my hair.

Unfortunately my friend was going through the same thing and convinced me to go on these chinese pills as a replacement.

Something called Shou wu wan, needless to say this didn't work at all and I lost all the hair I regained.

After that I stopped using treatments and have lost alot of hair, biggest mistake I ever made.

However, I thought I'd try it again, I've been able to source Propecia and minoxidil, but not the spirolactone liquid.

I kept a bottle so I can include a picture of it.


Could anyone recommend a site to buy this from again in the uk?

I've looked around and only been able to find the cream and pills, I really don't want to take the pills, and the cream sounds like it'd be greasy.

It was a small bottle with liquid inside and a sort of pad at the top to apply.

As the treatment worked so well for me the first time, I'd time to use exactly the same stuff as I did then.