View Full Version : Starting, lots of shedding, help required!

03-19-2013, 03:36 AM
Hi, everyone, I'm 23 years old, I started noticing I was losing more hair than usual and went to a doctor, I was diagnosed with hereditary alopecia. I was given finastaride, minoxidil and betaine; I've been taking them without break for almost four weeks now, but around 5 days ago I stopped using minoxidil because I started to shed significantly, I understand some shedding is common but I was losing a lot of hair; so I consulted my doctor and he said to alternate minox with another lotion called Tricovit which main ingredient is saw palmetto (minox only two times a week). In the last days I haven't used minox or palmetto (expecting palmetto to arrive soon) but the shedding has gotten worse, I was hoping if there was a doctor here that could explain what might be happening, and what this saw palmetto aggregate does, since I haven't seen it in many of the forums. Also, is there a way to know if you're having an adverse reaction to either finastaride or minox? or do you consider stopping was wrong and I should start taking minox again as instructed initially? I would greatly appreciate whatever insight you can provide to my case, as I'm going crazy and I don't know what to do, hopefully a medical opinion, I don't want to be more confused than I already am.

Thank you for your help.