View Full Version : Good responder, still shedding. HELP PLZ!!

03-16-2013, 07:42 PM
Hello Peoples,

I have been having minor hair loss since about 20 .. noticed it at about 21/22. Thankfully, after doing my due diligence I have reversed about 85% of the receding hairline and not too far from going back to my original state.

This is my regime:

* Emu oil (for the hair line)
* Nettle Leaf
* Nettle Root
* Rehmannia root
* Taurine
* Black Tea Extract
* White Tea, Green Tea and Black Tea Complex
* beta-Sitosterol
* Pygeum africanum
* Nizoral Shampoo
* Rogaine Foam 5%

* Low GI Diet(Recently started)

I have been studying these medicines, some have openly served me well others I am not sure of yet. Regardless, this is working as a whole so I dont see the reason to change anything. I am very greatful to have reversed my hair loss.

My hair is STRONGER and my hairlines is much better.

HOWEVER, I was shedding, mainly nice thick hairs, maybe less than before but still, I am shedding which means I am not in complete control of the situation.

WHEN I Went on the LOW GI diet the shedding pretty much STOPPEd. I was not on it long enough to be certain. I recently do not respect it as much as before.

I am very rough with my hair (with a towel) when I come out of the shower and I recently can count between 20 - 50 hairs. I can get real stressed over this.

What do you think may be going on?

I am getting better hair count and thickness but the shedding does not seem to stop.