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First off, I highly doubt that hair loss research gets more money than malaria research. In fact, I see barely anybody trying to cure hair loss (testing on mice while not doing a damn thing for humans does not count). He just made that statement to sensationalize that malaria research does not get as much funding as he thinks it should. And I would put even less stock into the piece of shit who wrote this article. As I always say, I absolutely cannot stand how these insensitive articles mock hair loss and always equate it with people like that worthless little shitbag from Seinfeld.

The Alchemist
03-15-2013, 01:11 PM
A pharma research scientist addressed this:


Does Baldness Get More Funding Than Malaria?
Posted by Derek

OK, let's fact-check Bill Gates today, shall we?

Capitalism means that there is much more research into male baldness than there is into diseases such as malaria, which mostly affect poor people, said Bill Gates, speaking at the Royal Academy of Engineering's Global Grand Challenges Summit.

"Our priorities are tilted by marketplace imperatives," he said. "The malaria vaccine in humanist terms is the biggest need. But it gets virtually no funding. But if you are working on male baldness or other things you get an order of magnitude more research funding because of the voice in the marketplace than something like malaria."

Gates' larger point, that tropical diseases are an example of market failure, stands. But I don't think this example does. I have never yet worked on any project in industry that had anything to do with baldness, while I have actually touched on malaria. Looking around the scientific literature, I see many more publications on potential malaria drugs than I see potential baldness drugs (in fact, I'm not sure if I've ever seen anything on the latter, after minoxidil - and its hair-growth effects were discovered by accident during a cardiovascular program). Maybe I'm reading the wrong journals.

But then, Gates also seems to buy into the critical-shortage-of-STEM idea:

With regards to encouraging more students into STEM education, Gates said: "It's kind of surprising that we have such a deficit of people going into those fields. Look at where you can have the most interesting job that pays well and will have impact on society -- all three of those things line up to say science and engineering and yet in most rich countries we see decline. Asia is an exception."

The problem is, there aren't as many of these interesting, well-paying jobs around as there used to be. Any discussion of the STEM education issue that doesn't deal with that angle is (to say the least) incomplete.

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He said that again? Look like he doesn't like Ballmer

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A billionaire whining about the effects of capitalism. Oh, that's rich (do you see what I did there? I sure hope so).

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All the while, I sometimes wonder if Gates is wearing a rug...

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All the while, I sometimes wonder if Gates is wearing a rug...

He has a bald spot.

Google it.

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He has a bald spot.

Google it.

And he has had it for some time now.
It's pretty big too, so I will have to give him a big thumbs up for not caring about it. He is one guy that has enough money to beat mpb if he wanted to.

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Honestly guys that are not bald dont really give a crap I mean to them its not a big deal. Actually bald guys getting their hair back just makes more competition for everyone.
Whether its MPB or malaria neither one has any good treatments even with all the years and money given to working on it. So who really cares where the funding goes if nothing ever comes from it.
Look at cancer I mean getting a couple more months for a treatment that is outrageously priced is considered a success. We have poured fortunes into cancer research over decades and have nothing really to show for it that is near a cure. Maybe decades from now stem cells or something will be some kind of breakthrough but the money is not doing it so far.

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He will never understand cause he is ballin' already. He can get any girl he wants and do anything he wants and never have to be in the public. Plus, he works with thousands of other successful bald guys who are hiding their true impressions about being bald or are at that time in their life where they dont need to care about being bald anymore. So he thinks that if these bald guys are doing well at life without hair that every other bald guy is just using baldness as an excuse. Bill Gates... YOU RICHASS SON OF A GUN.

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Yeah Bill gates very out of touch with your everyday man. He is trying hard though to help poor people in other countries by giving lots of money to research

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Bill Gates obviously didnt think this one through, think of the impact a hair loss cure would have on people undergoing chemotherapy or individuals suffering from significant wounds or burns.

Tell you something, he only got away with saying this because he was attacking a syndrome that is predominately associated with men (MALE pattern hair loss). I mean, in our Orwellian feminist nightmare, do you think he would dare attack "the billions of dollars blown on cosmetics, boob jobs, nose jobs, face lifts and garbage overpriced fashion accessories designed by third world child labourers, sold for extortionate prices in plush New York fashion boutiques?". No... didnt think so.