View Full Version : Female Dealing With Two Bad Hair Transplants - How Can I Fix This?

07-09-2009, 11:30 AM
I had two bad hair transplants that have left me with very little hair in the back of my head, and with lots of bald spots that I can’t hide. I now also have much less hair in the front then I had before my two hair transplants.To add to that, my scalp has a [...]

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07-10-2009, 01:23 PM
I was just wondering if your doctor recommended using a cold hair laser? I have heard that they will help the hair to grow back faster after a hair transplant. Gosh, I do feel for you. My hair has been thinning for years and the worst part is that it is my hairline that has really gotten bad. I was shocked to see how much you paid for the transplant. You really should go and see your doctor again. Ask him about a HairMax or some other hand held laser.